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About Makani E

About "Makani E"

(pronounced Mah-kah-nee ay)

Jim, aka "Kimo" and Rozz, aka "Lokelina", have been playing music together for many years.   Kimo is a gifted guitarist having played music most of his life.  When Hawai'i called this boy from California, he immersed himself in island living on Maui where he lived for most of his life as a Boat Captain/Dive Instructor/Dinner Boat Captain during the day and musical artist at night.  He found his island girl that held all the same beliefs and principles of island living in his wife of several years, the band's female member, and ordained minister, Lokelina.  This Hawai'i born-and-raised girl grew up on O'ahu until adulthood then moved to Maui.  When not being the "Island Entrepeneur" or dancing hula, she enjoyed playing Hawaiian music whenever the opportunity arose. 

They moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 and bring with them the lifestyle, spirit, culture, and music of Hawai'i.

Both of them grasp on to their island roots and culture by providing audiences everywhere a taste of their island music.  "We love playing music together", says Lokelina.  "We found a way to hold on to Hawai'i in our hearts through the music. It gives us great joy to share it".

Together, they have traveled the world seeking those who share the spirit of aloha.  They've traveled and performed all over the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and the South Pacific.

They have also enjoyed collaborating with wonderful entertainers and musicians.  In 2009, they worked with Bobbie Ratliff and Lonny Walter creating "Sharing The Aloha".  Then in 2009, they collaborated with their cousin, Alika Nako'oka, to complete the highly requested "A Hawaiian Christmas".

In 2011, Makani E finished their solo CD, "Na Hoaloha" (Friends).  It is a compilation of traditional and contemporary Hawaii-flavored music most requested by family, friends, and supporters.

"The music of "Na Hoaloha" is indicative of its title," says Rozz.  "Besides being married, we're really good friends.  Each song has a story or memory behind it.  We love Hawai'i and it's important to pay tribute to our friends who wrote the songs, the friends, family, & supporters that request the songs, while celebrating our own friendship."

Also in 2011, Jim & Rozz finished their solo Christmas CD named "Island Style Christmas with Makani E".

 Makani E's  next CD, "E Mino'aka" (Smile) was completed in September 2013! Wheeha!  This CD showcases many of the "most requested" island songs including The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Blue Hawaii, and yes, Tiny Bubbles!  

Makani E is now working hard on completing their 4th CD, "Ho'oheno" (to cherish), with an expected release of Spring 2021.

Says Kimo, "This CD is extra special and holds a lot of aloha.  It includes "Love With Struggles And Glory", a song written for their son and daughter-in-law when they got married.  It also includes some really cool songs by their good friend and prolific songwriter, Cliff Hopps.  We're very excited about this entire project." 

Kimo and Lokelina look forward to many more years of performing and continue to strive for the "perfect" Hawaiian mele.

And they're willing to travel the world to find it...

In the meantime, they entertain audiences with their own styles of

Traditional  Hawaiian

Contemporary Hawaiian

Island Style

Classic Rock

Classic Country

& Classic Pop music




Makani E has teamed up with various cruise lines, providing Hawaiian music and culture to passengers cruising to Hawaii, as well as  Mexico, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, S Korea, Russia, and all over the South Pacific!  

Feel free to send us an email if you want more details.



Relax, and let them take you back to "your" time in Hawaii. Back to the time of warm waterfalls, soothing sunsets, surfing, & the sounds of Hawaii!

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